Meat is better when it's shared...

First we got our own livestock controlled to professional veterinarians
which we naturally and organically raised on our farms at Trakya.
Then we do Halal slaugtering. And finally we serve meats with our butcher experience
and skilled hands preserving its taste.

Before we make our steaks ready for service ,we mature them in dry age fridges for 28-30 days.
We try our best to serve you the best flavour by combining the best conditon of the meat
with the simplest presentation possible.

On our journey as a well known high society butcher at Kavacık,
In order to serve you better,
now we have also a restaurant.

The experiences we got during this 35 years and the alteration we had;
earned us many friends from art, sports , politcs and
the busines world.

We are happy to preserve this dear association
and show hospitality as well as we can.




You can make use of 2 special lofts which we designed specially for you,
for the events with your friends or with your customers.

With Private entrance, private waiter, tv screen for your presentations,
private rest-room, masjid, and with stairlift for old and handicapped guests
you can experience the real taste of meat together with your friends and customers.


Rüzgarlı Bahçe Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Cd. No:57, 34805 Kavacık - Beykoz/İstanbul
0 216 425 55 28